Poetic Space, generative architecture

So, finally i succeeded in finishing my project on creating a digital, poetic space and as i owe a lot to you guys (yes you!!!) i wanted to share it with you.

I want to thank the blender team for doing such a great job, the elysiun team for creating such a great forum.

I especially want to thank Doc Holiday for his Lensflare script, and a bunch of other users who’s names i missed…

Basically i created this thing using blender, it is controlled by an interface based on a joystick (thanks to the joystick to mouse software) and by sending out midi signals from blender using the midipy-1.0a module from S. de Bakker (www2.hku.nl) to an internal midi port (thanks to midi-ox module)

As you can see i owe a lot to a lot of people…

Anyway here is an image:

If anyone wants the file, send me an email and i’ll mail it to you (my geocities account doesn’t accept blend files :()


…“We’re sorry, but this page is currently unavailable for viewing.”

Yup. I’m intrigued, but i can’t see the pic.

no pic! :-? :x :-?

uhhh, maybe you the should render it, cause i dont get it.

Anyone who can’t see the picture, it’s hosted on geocities, so copy and paste the link.

To ‘nospec’, don’t use geocities, because we can’t see your picture on these forums.

onto the picture, I think it looks very cool, nice work. Does it have something to do with HP? You should do a full render to use as a background image. :wink: