Poetry - my collection

Well I wrote a couple of poems, my first real attempt. Don’t really have much of a style but I guess you could call them cynistic and symbolistic (my very own made up words ;P). Have a gander and tell me what you think.

Said the ball to the bat:

Said the ball to the bat
Why’d you punish me like that?
Said the bat to the ball
I’ll go far with your fall.
No no no said the preceding,
your concepts are misleading.
For your effort and your part,
you shall finish where you start.


isn’t individuality
nor originality
but instead is inequality.
Upholding the first most or the latter,
cant bring you all of these.


Greedy lives
pigs and swine
they need money
they’ll steal it honey
it’s kind of funny
since those are the men
they try to condemn

Morales beware
unheard of in there
though that is the sanctorum
which outlines decorum
who the whole country
and so on
accepts as law
and relies apon

Men in ties
spread their lies
punish those
who dare to be different
it’s magnificent,
isn’t it?


How strange
and deranged
that change
is viewed
as lame
and many hold
the same
what a shame
for change brings
color and meaning
in a world
that is deceiving

yes it is truth
change must begin with youth
if we are to ever to invert
this continental slope
and fill our minds
and souls
with hope


The man who goes the speediest
Seldom goes the furthest
Former oft seen as the greediest
Latter oft seen as earnest.


Could it be
that courtesy
once a valued commodity
is lost amongst politicality?

Is it extinct
or amongst broken links
of an ever deteriorating society?
Was it beat down by the policy
none for you, all for me?

Our children will grow up
with no morales that show up
Violence will blow up
This whole thing is corrupt

And everybody will share the blame
And everyone will reserve the shame
And all of this will happen for sure
Because nobody acknowledges the boy
who holds open the door


Some people get so occupied with technicalities
that they never notice individuality
and where would our world be
in terms of originality
if two plus two never equaled three?


Overcome by jealousy
Not a pretty sight to see
afraid to take a stand of your own
'stead of trying to break through brambles grown
rather sit around waiting
Jealousy, the lesser form of hating
Heed these words I lend thee
try to avoid envy
and just remember
I’d rather be you than me


Sweaty palms
I stand quivering
takes to long
this message I’m delivering

I’ve gathered my courage
for several long weeks
for this time to come
for me to speak

To ask this girl
to a dance you see
is not a simple
task for me

But I go ahead
and set the date
I’ll pronounce my feelings
set them straight

Make it easy
for her to see
she means alot
at least to me

I tried my best
to act coolly
she didn’t think
just answered cruelly

I stood there
feeling like
I was cut; I was bleeding

I often wonder
how this went awry
makes no sense
how could I

Have been so blind
I’ve got find
Something to lean on
and help me by


Everyone has a right
to their own insight
And to critique others
about their druthers
just ain’t right

Especially when
You turn around again
mocking morals you just laid out
others will surely doubt
And you’ll be caught in the spindly web you spin

And this hypocrisy
wont set you free
in stead you’ll find
you are confined
you’ll be shunned from aristocracy

A hidden find
deep behind
curtains of protection


Deep inside
evidence denied
like a hiddeous infection

Eats away
courage decays
increasing circumspection

Thoughts give way
mental disarray
shuts down all introspection

Great Things:

I’m off to the moon
through the stars or bust
off to find greatness
or maybe fame or lust

Off to find peoples
who’ll bow to my will
I’ll be a feared conquerer
with an iron-set will

Or maybe I’ll find
a new animal race
with hands on their elbows
and toes on their face

I may find a cure
for an unknown disease
I’ll sell it for billions
and buy whatever I please

Who knows what awaits me
Who knows what is there
Maybe I’ll keep it
Perhaps I shall share

But one thing is for sure
and I’m here to proclaim
I’m bound to do great things
Don’t forget this name!

Some may call these pointless and meaningless but I call those people blind.

Keep checking back if you like them because the collection will keep growing.


put hoes and weed in there and you got yourself a rap career my friend
haha j/k

I think “said the ball to the bat”, should be turned into an animation.

Thanks superx10, I appreciate the comments. And DichotomyMatt, if you’d like to give it a go be my guest. I’m curious as to what would come from it.

The bat and ball poem sounds unique even though it sounds like a kid song.

The politician one, so true for some of those bigwigs in Washington.

If you look past the words for said the ball to the bat you’ll notice it’s really about bullying. Glad you liked the political one.

Dude those are great!

I’m glad you liked them kbot. As I said I’ve never really done poetry before and I really appreciate everyone’s encouragement

Really great poems!

Something you might (or might not) be interested in is a site called buddingwriters.googlepages.com, here you can send your poetry and stories to be posted onto the site. The e-mail to send the stories to is on the site. There are a few simple rules, but nothing really restricting.


Thank you. I’ve posted my poetry there as well.

I’ve added a lot more to my collection, tell me what you think

Well, i didn’t read all of em, but i like the ball and bat one :smiley: Was nice, and didn’t seem forced.

Nice work mate :wink:

Really nice! My fav is also the ball and bat one.

I’d use a different rhyme from time to time though. It does sound rather rap-ish IMO. But it’s better than the stuff I’d come up with :stuck_out_tongue: Hmm, maybe I should give it a try sometime…

Oh, and do watch out for clichés, I noticed a few in your ‘Shattered’ poem. I know, I’m demanding :stuck_out_tongue: Remember, clichés are the number one cause of puppy narcolepsy! :smiley:
Sorry lol, great work!

Yeah I know what you’re talking bout lol. I really need to work on that

More up. I think these are less rapish