Poetry Thread

ehh…i am not that of a poet dude with ballet shoes on watching beauty and the geeks.
I am that type of a dude with stuff to share from school assignments…
well I’ve been doing some poetry lately and thought of having a thread where members can post poems THEY have written.
No stolen ones or anything.

Anyway, here is a color poem of mine.
Right now I’m feeling blue
Like a cold winter night
I am fighting the hue
And I’m trying to win the fight

No escape right now

Just me and me
No turning around
No way to flee

I’m staring into the tinted mist

Gazing into the distant star
Gazing into my horrid fist
I see my reflection way afar

It creeps slowly towards me

Through the distant mist
I want to be free
But it isn’t on times list

I wait the agonizing wait

I stand the painful stand
I try to run
But its impossible

My feet are stuck in the sand

And its creeping towards me
It whooshes through me
And crashes back into my mind

And a new era flourishes

The blue is no more…


Cheeze and Chicken - is good eatin.

This is an assignment I did about a week ago, it was a mimic of the original poem “My Sister Molly Who In the Fifties” Here’s a link of the original poem: http://www.ipoet.com/ARCHIVE/BEYOND/Walker/Sister-Molly.html
here’s mine:
Helped me learn the way to add a
Number or two
In kindergarten
And taught me to value others
And to let them cut me in line
Who gave me advice about
How to pass and how not to
Who excelled and showed
Me how
To too
Cared about what I asked
Never forgetting
To play Monopoly
And let me beat her
Who made sure I used the proper “there”
When writing an essay
And to read between the lines of lies
And truth when it came to assessing

She gave me energy when I was not
Exactly in a very happy mood
Who provided insight for me
As I prepared
For my middle school part of my
Who silently went along with the
Lies I made up
Just so I could be off the hook
Who helped me with my English when we just came
To America, trying to
Figure out the difference between
“Can I go” and “May I go”

Reminded me of who I am
When I had forgotten
Who knew how to put me back into line
When I happened to forget myself
And aided me onto
The correct path
Who also made sure that
I did not demand
But rather asked for items
She did simple
Things that worked
Better than an
Expensive action figure
That would not last the test of time

This is a poem I wrote a couple of months ago for the homecoming king competition. I was imitating an English teacher at my school that is retiring this year. I put shoes on my knees and put on a fake beard. Everyone laughed but the other guy with his rock band won.

A Poem, by me…

Tonight, we are competing for a title
Tonight, we are showing our talents
Tonight, we, are looking, for Mr. Warrior

This is my last year at Carpinteria High
Soon, I will have to say goodbye
The freshmen, in my classroom, will never be seen
I’ll be gone; they’ll wonder where I went
To the freshmen, you might say I’m mean,
But then, who isn’t?

I just, I just might miss this school
Ahh…and I was getting to like this new tardy rule
I will remember all of the good times
The sports, in which we are winning
The sophomores, and their attempts with rhymes
Oh, well, they are still learning

I love to talk in verse
There are so many words
There are also many questions in life
Who, what, how, when, where, why?
Like why can’t my students spell knife?
It makes me want to cry.

My students read many novels in this class
They have to, if they want to pass…
My seniors read The Hunchback of Notre Dame
I bring you a love story
There is Phoebus…tall…thin…handsome…
Excuse me for my allegory

What is it that makes this school so great?
How are we any different from Cate?
Perhaps it is I, …or Mr. Lindsay.
Maybe, it is the students who come here
To learn, …or, it is just me.
Whatever the reason, we are not, queer

These students say that they have spirit
Once a job is started, they will not quit
Success, at this school, is showing
Thank the seniors… oh, and thank me.
They started new traditions, and kept old ones going
Warriors are the best,now don’t you agree?

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nice one social.

in before annoying people post song lyrics

My Creation

This world is too dark and melancholy
something has to be done
if this world i cannot change
then i shall create one

A world without the burden of man will arise.
Without the wars or the constant confusing lies.
I will become a god and create all the land
the creatures, the skies, everything will be sculpted by my hand.

A world as beautiful as anyone can concieve
flourishing with life and vibrant color indeed.
Every petal of every flower will be carefully composed.
Just like a skilled blacksmith completing the task he chose.

Emptiness is my canvas and the elements are my paint.
Fire, Water, Earth, and Wind i will utilize to articulate
This portrait i see within the confines of my mind
my masterpiece will be done in just a matter of time

Tis a tragedy that all of this will be unreal
that when the night fades, my dream it will steal
it is only in the digital world that this can exist
so much for a world that portrays complete bliss.

wow, great one venom.

Thanks trak, I actually wrote that one when I was still in high school. Our assignment was to write a poem about what we love to do, and I love making stuff in Blender = )

So, just for the record, that poem was Blender inspired :wink:

Oh, now i get it. LOL, once you mentioned blender and i read it again, it fits like a puzzle.

Here’s mine :

A Tribute to an Angel Part 1

Day by day, time went by so slow
I looked into the mirror, to my own shadow
My life was empty and hollow
I only had my own heart to follow

One day a light was shed
I was shaken and full of dread
As I encountered a pure being
Whose charm shines and gleams

Her intelligence shall astonish
Her elegance shall make a whole kingdom cease
Her charisma shall tame the wildest beast
Her kindness shall fill the abyss

I was in pure bliss…
Have I died and to the heaven I went?
Does this being really exists?
Does upon me an angel descent?

Now my heart is filled with confusion
I have words to spare
But they’re remain unspoken
I feel like I’m in despair

I can only wish and stare
To the glittering stars up there
That upon the world she bestowed
Is to calm the beast within me

wrote it for a girl, she got flattered. But my stupid moves along the way screws everything. :no:

another one :

One in a million

If she’s a tree
I’m a grain of dirt
Laying under her feet
Although I’m just one in a million
I’ll make sure she’s standing proud

If she’s the sky
I’ll become a raindrop
Although I’m just one in a million
I’ll fall straight from above
Just to make her bright

If she’s a flower
I’m a bee, waiting in the line
Of a swarm of million bees
But still, she’s all I need
To keep me survive

Just for once
Among these millions,
I’d die to make honey
Smile back at me

wrote it for her too. And then she started to get freaked out. lol. So I pull myself back and not bother her anymore. At least I learn some don’ts when approaching a women.:o

thought id share what iv writen, iv writen lots of poems but ill only post one for the moment. Every one of the poems posted so far is fantastic well done.

[Chasing My Insanity
In the Mist of Madness, shines through a Genius
Now walk through the ruins of my broken dreams
I’m like a splinter in the mind of society, aggravating the itch of insanity
I leap into the lunacy of my mind, trying to find hope
A glimmer of aid in my self-constructed psychosis
No-one can help me except the mental patients of my own mentality
Slowly I realise the truth of reality, nothing is good, nothing is pure
Nothing I do can close that door
My soul is buried in an underground chasm
My heart shattered into shards of extinction
And I wonder why I feel out of sight deep inside
So I lay myself bare for all to see, staring into my blackened soul
I celebrate my unique design, my individual distinction
I open the door to let out the monsters of my mind
For only He can pass judgement on the existence of nothingness
The sword of decision dances over my head
The hammer of righteousness crashing above
My wrists are chained my mind is obstructed
I am no longer free but I never really was
For I was a slave, a prisoner of my own insanity
Locked in the manacles of desperation
Chained to the walls of depression
With tooth and claw I fight, my weapons of the night
Struggling for a lost freedom that can never be
Across the plains of misery I run, escaping the despair of my existence
Chasing the hope of a vanished delusion
One day I will find Him, I will see the glory
I will bask in the eternal sunlight of happiness
A mist falls upon me, blinding all I see
But through shines a brilliance of hope
For in the Mist of Madness shines through a Genius

Mary had a little lamb.

It’s fleece was black and short.

I tried to pet it yesterday…

Next week I go to court.


Here’s one I did this year (8th grade), it’s short.

It spread 'round like a plague,
Lacking sense and mercy.
Darting back and forth,
Raging, blazing, burning.
It started as a flicker,
Grew into a craze.
It swallowed who and spat back out
Things withered and decayed.

No one knew the answer,
To hot to put it out,
Finding it amazing,
And yet a stunning sight.
One man rose from the mass,
Of the gaping, staring crowd.
And tried to fight the odds,
Alas, to no prevail.

In time it’ll be forgotten,
In time it will all die down.
The craze that began as a flicker,
That spread 'round like a plague.

nice one pash!

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A poem off the top of my head just now seeing this thread.

Time flows
Grass grows
Moss climbs up the rocky knolls

What does time mean to us?
Will the earth crumble to dust?

We dont know
And we dont care
For us there is no “then” and “there”
For us its only “now” and “here”
We live in the present without a fear

We think not of what lies ahead
Whats happens now we think instead.

When the earth goes up in a puff of ash
And flies out into space at last
Will other worlds see our dust
And wonder what became of us?

Heres part of a son I wrote today, its going on my band’s demo CD
Stuck in Yesterday

I Still dont really know
What you wanted form me
I guess it just goes to show
This love aint free

When you get down the simples fact
you and me werent working out
I Guess it just wasnt meant to be.

And now…

Its getting harder when I see you
And youre all alone
Dont want to admit I need you
Tell me, how could I have known?

It would go down this way
with so much left to say
theres no point living in yesterday
Thats where I want to stay…

Written ten minutes ago, cause I was bored. Remember, because depth is for suckers. Introspection is over-rated.

Standing up.
By John Fraser.

They say it’s easy, but it’s not
For a man to hit the pot
I don’t know who spread such a lie
But if I catch them, I’ll make them cry

The problem is with the rudiments
The base, the center that detriments
the whole theorem, the fact that sinks
the entire concept, it really stinks.

The Fact

It’s like dealing with a fire hose
It thrashes with tempestuous flows.
It’s wild, it’s crazy, it’s uncontrolled
no matter how hard you try to hold.
Until you say “enough of this crap”
and zip it up, and head for the tap
and hang your sorry head in shame
for you’re unable to live up to your male name

And that is why the great urinal is
a blessing, man’s only saving grace
That enables man to take a leak with his
comrades successfully, saving face

The giant porcelain hard-to-miss,
the never ending pottery cup
That enables men to stand for this
instead of splashing the floor like an incontinent pup

disclaimer: I just said this because I thought it sounded funny, not necessarily from any real life experience. :stuck_out_tongue:

that is a nice one Black Boe :slight_smile: