Edit:: should i be posting this here?

hey guys,

just thought i would post these, hmm i wouldnt call them poetry, since there not really that good! ill call them…more of a ramble :o

Black soul
tormented soul, forever searching
not knowing what it desires
not caring for what it may find
through the dark, sickening lies it does creep

sights of horror, vile dispair
the black soul, he does not care
for once youve seen life, you have seen hell
brutal, sickening views that no one dare tell

still tormented, for eversearching
the black soul, resides to his fate
lays down his arms, and forgets to hate
looks around at all that once was and begins to cry
he knows this is the end, he knows it is his time to die

No name
cutting and slashing, it seems the only way
there is no other toll to pay,
for you are diffrent, though not in flesh and bood
they do not see beyond your black hood

lost in thoughts and emotions,
taking abuse, dressed in black
staying silent, not giving back

when all is done and said,
taking a step back, not letting it go to your head
defying the majority, take on your own authority
not lining up like the rest, doing your own thing,
what you do best

lying in pieces, broken in two
love has come and i have paid the price
for now my soul, does not rest
i loved all i can and tried my best,

sold my soul, for pointless emotions,
in search of happyness that never did come,
if i had known, i would have ran,
never looked back, down that dark desloate track

this does not have have a happy ended,
it is real, it does not belong in some fairly tale book
this is life, thats what you get,
trying your best, for nothing but a pathetic lie,
if i had my way, i would not be here
i would die.

wondering, pondering, thinking about life,
the meaningless, souless journey we all must take,
leading to where it all must end, we can go on, and pretend
but at the end, we cease to exist, slowly melting into the obis

happy one minute, sad the other, life is cruel,
it does not take pity on any old fool.
making best, of what is left, after the dark, sickening tornments of life have gone,
cast away like the rest, left to die, not a soul turning an eye.

glimpses of light, trying to shine through the dark thunderous clouds, blocked by many
who dont share that vision of peace, instead turning there minds to hatred, raining down terror
not carring for a soul, live or die, they turn a blind eye.

not finished, but ill post this one
I thought, angels did not exist, some made up magical twist
since i can remember, ive been in darkness
shrouded beyond all light, restless in an ever lasting night
hopes have come and faded, blackend by the none existent light
leaving me here to dwindle in my plight,
for i am scared of becoming lost in this ever lasting eternal night.

This sounds dark, but its suppose to be about finding some one that you really like, hoping it will be diffrent from all the other shitty relationships etc etc

I actaully wrote the one above for a girl i know, but i havent got a clue how to end it. ill think of that, when it comes to it :slight_smile:

Im not an Emo, or depressed by the way.i just find it easier to write dark stuff that all the lovey dovey stuff, or the light hearted and funny poems.

anyways, i would appreicate if you could tell me what you think, any improvements etc