Pogo pets

Hi! I’ve designed all characters & assets of Pogo Pets an iOS/Android video game, using blender of course. The game itself is developed under Unity by Motionvolt, using sprite rendered with cycle. I’m very proud with the final result! Hop you will enjoy the game!


Other renders and roughts can be shown on my portfolio


This is amazing! I’m not a gamer, but these Pogo Pets are ADORABLE!

Thank you @FoxTrotStudio I’m not a gamer either, I’ve just designed pets & assets, buit the game is very playable!

Really cute! :slight_smile:

I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

Many Thanks @bartv !

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Super cute, like the super consistant style!

You’re on the #featured row! :+1:

ewww great work! btw nice profile :slight_smile:

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wow these lil guys look awesome

Wow, how cute. these are great.

It’s like jumping austing, I loved that game. Still very playable. But anyways, these renders made me go to back to my memories, I loved the characteristics of fox’s. Great renders. Also great idea for kind of these jumping game.

Also I got the detailf of the foot of ninja fox. Nice addition.

Thank you @DefaultCube771 for your comments!

Thank you @Artpixellz

LoL absolutely neat! Great cute characters!

I LOVE THESE ANIMALS!!!They´re just so cute.

Can I download them?

Thank you @kabu @JHONATAN_VIANA @rohank !
You can download the game for free here :

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I love this design! I love the character! So so so so good!

I’m gonna have to get this! You’re character design is amazing!