Point and Click + AI


Recently I created a Point and Click system and decided to use the Blender navMesh.
I liked the result, and useful.
I hope you enjoy


Point And Click.zip (66.3 KB)

Works really well!
I looked at the credits, but is it released under some sort of licence (cc? gpl? etc?)

Thank you for trying.
It has no license applied to the template.

Like I said, is the template for studies, I only demand credit from the time that my script was used, otherwise, the use of such studies is free, you can create your own script on top of mine.
But I need the credits end (If you use my script).

Thanks again to download the file.

(Sorry for my bad English set, I’m Brazilian)

More Templates and Info

Really cool, nice work!

That is awesome.
May I suggest an addition to this? Could you please try to add multiple ‘player’ cubes, and make it possible to select different cubes and move them all together, and individually?

Update successful, thanks for participating. :eyebrowlift:
I hope you enjoy.
Until the next

Note * You do not need the old file (.py), can give problems / Shift+D to new “players”

Controls: Mouse to move target, shift + mouse click select “players”


save2.zip (66.5 KB)

Thanks for that :slight_smile: You are awesome :slight_smile:


Mine won’t work for some mysterious reason… my cube won’t follow. Help?

The problem is the steering actuator, try deleting it, try re-add the actuator
I did it here and it worked properly

Ok, thanks. I did that and it works fine :slight_smile: