Point-cloud support

Are there any plans to implement point-cloud support feature of OSL? Even rough and non-optimal one

There is so much possibilities for render tricks when you can refer to baked point cloud… but Blender code just do nothing on point-cloud method calls ((

Unfortunatly the read and write functions for point clouds are still dummy functions and they do nothing.
It would be really great to have it, since you can store any attributes you want in each point…

Yep (( this alone should drop a lot of limitations in current scene data accesibilitiy (during rendering)

Would be great if all “postponed” features had thier price tag in BF (Just a dream, i know).
i would be happy to drop a buck to see this implemented, even without “bleeding edge” tech - from my point of view there is only 4 steps involved - reading format, building BVH/KD-tree, caching for later use and quering it, nothing fancy

Can’t remember how many times i had wished for it +1 +1 +1…

perhaps it’s even simpler as we already have OpenVDB in Blender. :slight_smile:

Wow, that`s great! openvdb already has python support… so creating clouds from addon (for example) would be easy :slight_smile: