Point cloud visualizer convert to particles render issue


Hello !

I need some help with Point cloud visualiser

To create a scene, i convert some .ply files into particles system so i can get cool results with light and traveling. I did convert 4 files, but one of those particles object doesnt reflect colors with lights in the render, but i does in viewport shading.

So here on the right picture there is two particles object from .ply files and some lights. “Wanderlust pose 3 particles” is the guy sitting in the street. “Rue de lappe particles” is the street in pointcloud. On viewport it works fine for both of them.

And the left picture, on the render, only one of them work altough i did the exact same thing for the two object.

Have i done something wrong ? I can’t find any cues on internet.

Sorry for my english !

Hope someone will be able to help me !