Point Cloud Visualizer

some news:
next update will get some workflow improvements such as import helpers

will make empty with point cloud set and loaded and works with multiple files at once, for ascii type you can choose previously created preset instead of default guessing

or for not quite centered data:


will move viewport camera at points center, also adjusts viewport camera far clip if needed

and from open3d some new things as well: for normal estimation to orient normals correctly after estimation:


for laser scan data, camera location type seems to work pretty well

and lastly, not quite finished yet, multiple point cloud alignment:


global, fast global and multiway for global alignment, colored for local fine alignment

ps. for now i need to stick with open3d 0.10, meanwhile there was 0.11 out, and i did not notice. i adjusted open3d install procedure to install correct version, so install button will have to be used again after upgrade, it should replace already installed 0.11 if it is there

edit: i forgot on this, center origin will move points to their center - they will snap to container and transformation will apply container transformation on points and resets container transform



and one more menu. how could i forget on it? the most logical place is add menu…



So many options! Incredible.
I have been digging through all the options and I was looking for a way to replace a color in the point cloud. As I have mentioned previously in another post, often times on 3D Scanners the cameras are not in perfect registration with each other so you get color bleed. This shows up outside a lot on building edges or roof lines and also around the fringe of trees. The blue of the sky will bleed onto the edge of the pointcloud on the structure or vegetation. I see that you can select and delete by color but can you select and replace a color? On another pointcloud engine I have used in the past “Pointools” you could paint the color on the vertices to correct for this issue but I am not sure if that could be implemented here.

replace color numerically would be easy to add, but would it help? if you have for example building and tree next to it, both contaminated by sky color on edges, you replace blue with green, then building will be green on edges for a change. i can add it anyway, but don’t know how much practical it will be.

i’ll have a look into it, don;t know if this can be done in python and fast enough to be usable too…

one more thing, this would help? http://www.open3d.org/docs/0.10.0/tutorial/Advanced/pointcloud_outlier_removal.html#Point-cloud-outlier-removal

I agree with your analysis, however replacing the sky color with a grey or maybe even a transparent would look better than the sky bleed

Very interesting tool…in the case of visualization of the pointcloud for clients this may be a viable choice. I would not want to delete points for modeling as the edge of the building points are what I would like to pull my model too.

Thank you for the link.

i planned to focus on editing a bit now, so i can put some color adjustments and by color selections in there, this would solve it…

and some more news, in next version i also got edit mode speedup, start and update ~2.5x, ending (with update) ~6x, but it depends on number of points of course


Great to hear about the edit mode speed improvements!


  • 1.6.0
    • point set registration with several global and local methods (using Open3D)
    • normal estimation with normal orientation by direction or camera location (using Open3D)
    • new Fast viewport shader
    • new File > Import and 3D Viewport > Add helper menu operators
    • new center view on points operator
    • new edit operators: points to origin, apply transformation
    • edit mode enter, update and exit significantly faster
    • faster render manual depth sorting
    • compatibility with Blender 2.91 viewport drawing and rendering
    • compatibility with Open3D 0.10.0
    • fixed edit mode ui glitches
    • fixed ascii import guess separator

and if you use Extras, what is important, after upgrade, run Install Open3D from preferences to ensure correct open3d version (previous PCV versions always installed latest and this is no longer wanted)


new center view on points operator

Ooooh yes. This will be helpful.

What does it mean by rendering conpatability? Cycles cant render point clouds yet right?

no, pcv own rendering, in 2.91 it produced only black images

Hello! Is it possible to do surface reconstruction for a sequence just like you showed the script for convert in sequence?

Thank you for your response!

ok, I got it. just need to replace the convert() line with

thanks anyway, it’s a great addon!

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Is there any possibility for adapting the render capabilities for parallel rendering.


it could be done with multiprocessing, but i am not sure if that is possible with blender gpu module. got to test it first. what do you need it for? it will make sense for animation, not for single image…

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some early news,
next version will include Select Color and Set Color in edit mode, both filter Remove Color and new edit mode Select Color are optimized for performance now

edit: one change, numeric input now have to use bitwise operators if needed instead of logical, so and have to be &, or have to be | etc.

for example: 9.2m cloud

Remove Color - select points operation
old 0:01:13.512746
new 0:00:01.926256
~36x faster

Remove Color Numeric - select points operation
old 0:11:02.680538
new 0:00:00.246191
~2750x faster :wink:


SPEEED INCREASE!! On a very handy feature. Looking forward to it.

Yes, I’m looking at rendering animations.

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New version is available

  • 1.7.0
    • new in edit mode: Select Color and Set Color
    • new filters Split and Join
    • Project filter point position change is now optional
    • Remove Color both by color and numbers and Color Adjustment Apply speed improvements
    • fixed View Points not being correct when container is transformed

also in progress is new/better/faster ply loading, loading all scalars (like intensity from laser scanners) from file, ability to show scalars in viewport etc. right now ply loading is done, partial ply loading is much faster both binary and ascii and scalars can be converted to colors for viewing and back. new data system requires rewriting nearly every pcv function, so this will take time, but if you want to try it, if you search in blender for Debug Menu and set non zero value there, pcv will get some new panels including Dev Load and Dev Data, from here you can test new ply loading


When i load the ply from an Azure Kiinect recording and then i use Point Cloud Visualizer to color the points in Blender with the Color information … and then go to render a frame … i only see a black result … what i have to do to render a video ? … at animation i can loaded the PLY sequence and i can see it in the left inspection window and i can find a camera position but when i go in the render section of BLENDER i dont get any video Clip out not even a frame … is there a tutorial maybe who to get video out in combination with PLYs and the PointCloud Visualizer ?