Point Clouds problem

Good afternoon, i have a 12 million point cloud that doesn´t load, i´ve tryed in blender 2.79 and the beta 2.8.
The point cloud has been exported from Recap in pts and converted in CloudCompare into a ply file, i have been tryed too in MeshLab but tthe program chrashes when try to open.

Do you have any suggestion? is the file too large to be loaded? im now trying to convert the point cloud into a mesh but i don´t know if blender support a large amount of polys

i have tryed too a wrl file with less point and the point cloud appear without color (the file extension can´t load color?)

PD:Sorry for my english and thanks for your answers

12 is huge - very large indeed
and blender would take a very long time to process that data!

try some other external soft to reduce the size or verts count
I would suggest to try with a max of 1 or 2 millions verts or more and see how long it takes to do but don’t hope this would work very fast may take hours to process it.

MeshLab can do it faster as I remember!

try these and see if it helps

let us know what happen

happy bl