Point density and voxel data textures can't affect particles?

I can’t seem to get point density (vertex or particle density) or voxel data smoke to affect particle emission.
Which is incredibly inconvenient when I want to have particles that appear in the presence of other particles.
Any workarounds?

I don’t necessarily need an answer to this question, just some means of having particles affect how particles are emitted.
I just can’t seem to do it in any way.

Not sure if this would be a solution for your problem, but you can do it the other way around - setting up vertex group for particle system “Density”, and define that particle system as a “Flow Source” for your smoke “Flow” object. This way your particle system(s) -which are easy to control - affect smoke.

I’m not trying to control smoke though, the smoke was just an attempt at an abstract means of affecting particles.
What I’m trying to do is control particle emissions with particles.
Things that should work, such as making a point density texture controlled by particles and affecting particle emission density; everywhere in the textured volume is treated as position 0 on the colourramp when calculating particle emission, even though the same texture can be used normally for volumetric renders.
That is, it seems that particle textures cannot use particles as input.

So, anyone able to help?
I wish that there was some way of marking whether a question was answered or not so that it could be seen in the thread list, this thread probably looks like it’s through since it has a few replies.

Ok, now I understand what you’re trying to do and frankly I have no idea, but you’ve made me curious. I suggest asking on blender.stackexchange, worth a shot.

No one there is helping either, sadly.
Seems like the sort of thing that only Blender developers might understand, since it seems like a bug, and probably has something to do with the fine details of how caching works.