Point Density Texture/Emissive Particles not showing.

Hey all, having a hard time figuring this out.

So I recently purchased BlenderDiploma’s little guide on Point Density textures to explore some other parts of Blender I’m less familiar with. Needless to say, I’ve been following along perfectly but when it comes to rendering/previews - I get absolutely nothing. My particles aren’t becoming emissive or showing at all. I even opened up one of the blend files he provides and tried previewing it there, still black. No emissive qualities whatsoever.

I keep thinking it’s something really simple, but I haven’t figured it out yet. Any help would be great.

It depends on what version off blender you use , for example with the last night build point density works only with cpu , but you can use for example this version from — Blender 2.77.1 - Fastest build: CUDA 5.2 included (updated 22-MAY-2016 portable) — works with GPU render ( http://www.graphicall.org/444 ) :wink:

Currently using the official 2.77a, render settings are set to CPU and still nothing. :\

If you play your baked animation from the particles do you see the particles in your 3d viewport for example ?

If this works then make a render from frame 100 for example , because at frame 01 the density is verry high and it take a verry long time before this render .

Here’s a couple screenshots, one with a 3D preview and just the regular viewport. I have the display set to velocity.


If you disconnect the strength from the emission shader then the domain render ( box ) become white , do you get this result ?
See Picture .


AH! So the domain needs to have the material. I just had the material set to my emitter. Knew it was something simple, unbelievable… :spin:

Thank you so much Benny.

:wink: Excellent .