Point Instance node


I’m following a tutorial to make geometry node grass and he uses a “point instance node” however I can’t find it.

He’s using 2.93 I think and I’m using the alpha 3.1

Before I go back to a LTS version do you know where the node has gone to or what name it is now so I can stay in the alpha? I really like the way the grass is.


Try “instance on points”:

it doesn’t seem to do the same thing, he was entering his collection, ill see if i can grab a screenshot

sorry for the grainy shot but you can see there the point instance node with option to enter a collection

You need to create a Collection Info node (just drag the collection from the outliner into the GN editor) and connect that to the Instance:

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aha! many thanks bartv

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…where is the “attribute sample texture” node please? :pensive:

Nevermind, found I had to drag from the data API. That seems like a really unintuitive and weird way to do it, alpha though right?

This is the tutorial i was trying to follow btw, it seems like a lot has changed and I can’t get it it work.