point light follow a bone

Hello, I have a problem with blender,I need a way to make point light to follow a particular bone of an armature, I need it for a simple animation. I’ve searched everywhere but can’t find an answer :no:

I would really appreciate you help, thanks.

Hello, first post? I’m not exactly sure what you are after, a bit more information would be helpful. I can think of 2 different things you might be wanting.

  1. You want a light to follow a bone, much in the way a spotlight would follow an actor on stage. In that case, I would use the track to constraint on the light.

  2. You want the light to move with the bone, much the way a flashlight would move in someone’s hand. In that case, I would use the child of constraint on the light.

More info on constraints can be found here:

Hope this helps & welcome aboard,

the second one, and it worked! Thanks very much, now I can continue with my work, and yes, that was my first post, but if all the people on this forum are kind and skilfull as you, that won’t be the last one :smiley: