Point light stopped rendering but visible in shader viewport (render enabled)

Hi everyone,

For some reason a point light stopped rendering. I used an old auto-save and it does work there (although too much has been added in the meantime to make me want to go back). This light’s nodes are the same exact ones of the light that does render (the first light in the tunnel). This is driving me mad as I can’t find a reason for it not to work. I also wanted to model a lightbulb with an emission shader and use that instead of the point light to make it more realistic (I want to see the source of the light) but that doesn’t render either, even if I increase the emission strength. What do you think is going on with my scene? I added a screenshot of the light that stopped rendering showing the nodes,one of the lightbulb, and one of the rendered scene. What do you think has happened?

looks like you have the power keyframed, and 330mw isn’t very high. even if you change the power, it will go back to the original one set in the animation when you render, so maybe try removing those

I seem to be having a similiar issue. Very strange buggy lighting behavior

I see 2.93.6 just dropped so Im going to try that now.

  • Nope. Didnt work. It does render correctly in cycles though.