Point lights does not follow parent object during animation

So when the object is in stationary position the point lights is supposed to be inside the center of the eyes as shown.

But then when the head goes down, the light bulbs still stay in the same place, even though they are both parented to this object.


Shouldn’t the eyes move with the object? It does move when you physically move the object around but not for animations. How do I fix this?

They should instead be parented to the bones deforming the object. It’s done the same way as for objects -> select child, select parent, ctrl+P, parent to bone.

THanks I will have a look

So I did parent the light points to the bones with empty groups but here is the issue.

So I can go and view this with the object, but I can’t do this for the light bulbs.

How do I get the light bulbs to move with the object’s head?

You must select your bone in pose mode then exit to object mode then select first your light and with shift the armature then ctrl+p then choose bone. It’s not a skinning at all. Just a simple parent link.

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Thanks it works :slight_smile:

I am having this other issue.

I can’t seem to switch my different animations with this model and my other model. Do you know this is happening by any chance?

If they don’t have the same skeleton…(name/structure). It ll be difficult.
You can retarget it by using constraints as I use in this post.

The Art of Re-targeting or The Super Powers that sucks

It s not so easy. But you ll learn a lot if you retro engineering it.

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