point of origin for character models for game design?

I am not a modeler to be clear I am doing some game programming and I noticed models I was selecting through use of a draw a rectangle and select everything in it. THey weren’t being selected unless every inch was selected which I thought was odd. Then I realized well the origin of the model which is what i was checking to see if it was in the rectangle, the origin was at the center of the feet.
Is this standard? I’d have thought center of mass so chest or maybe hips?
I can either create an alternate center which is a center of mass for use in cases or open in modelling software and move the origin.
I understand that center of feet on humans and like center of base of tank treads and stuff makes placement on ground easier but it makes selection actually more difficult.
I’m fine with either modifying placement code to assume stuff needs to be moved halfway up its bounds from the ground to be touching it or modifying selection code to check the position halfway up its bounds to see if it’s selected, I just want to know what’s the industry standard as it were.
Are models origined on there chest/hips/feet?

Some of the third party engines will probably interpret the origin as the center of mass for physics simulation. Having it too high or too low may lead to some weird simulation (like the character bouncing around like a bobblehead).

For the sake of physics, start with the origin at the center of mass.