Pointerarrow, HELP!


I’ve been trying to make a very simple arrow that points to an object, from an empty that tracks to another, but it’s bidimensional, I mean, like a clock…
But how do I get the orientation? I have tried using getOrientation(), but there is a bug:
When I rotate the player, nothing changes. The arrow just starts jumping, but it doesn’t do what it needs to do.

Thanks in advance,

How about the track to actuator?

You can use the track to actuator (It’s actually an Edit Object actuator, and you set it to “track to” mode).
You can set the speed of tracking in frames (0 is instant tracking).
You can also limit tracking to a two-dimensional plane, or allow tracking in full 3D (I think it’s a little button labelled “3D”).

Unless you love math, you might want to avoid manipulating orientation matrices for now.

I was thinking of an arrow viewed from top from the camera, which was really hard. I’d need to add the orientation matrix of the player to the one of an empty tracking to the objects I wanted, so I just made a 3d arrow using your method nd it looks convincing. (maybe better than it would the other way)