Pointiness Geometry Creating Noise

Getting weird noise when I try get some cavity detail baked from my sculpt. Any suggestions?

I don’t recognize this, but you might want to try the Ambient Occlusion node. It’s got the added advantage of being topology-independent.


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It’s not a problem with your uv?

Just tried this out, it doesn’t really give me the edge and cavity detail that I’m after

The issues in the screenshots are of the sculpt prior to any baking, so the highpoly is not unwrapped.

If I get the smooth tool it mildly helps, but also creates new artefacts. Voxel remeshing is a similar story too

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It’s usually a matter of finding the right small margin with the ColorRamp after plugging the Ambient Occlusion node in there. Sometimes adding a Math node in Multiply mode can be necessary.

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Closest solution: Use voxel remesh at 0.0003 m, then decimated it back down to roughly the same amount of faces before remeshing. There are a couple of dots here and there which I might be able to sculpt out.

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I almost forgot that there’s one more method: the Dirty Vertex Colors tool.

Your model does need a balanced polygon distribution though, as it is topology-dependent, like the Pointiness node. A model that’s voxel-remeshed should do fine.

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I tried this earlier, I dirty vertexed the sculpt & the bake turned out really low quality and pixelated

Yeah, baking is not Blender’s biggest talent. The lack of anti-aliasing is an age-old issue that should have been addressed by now.

I decided to give up and download substance painter, which has given me immediate results haha

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