Pointless Indigo Render

Yes it is, another pointless indigo render…

Hope you like it :smiley:

Here is a slight variation that I messed about with in GIMP :smiley:

Looks awesome!

Thank you!!

What is it a test of?

Nothing in particular, though I did mess around with the XML a bit to get some results I wanted.

Hope you like me variation :smiley:

I don’t see how it’s pointless if it was fun to make… which I’m guessing it was. Looks cool. (Nonetheless: down with indigo! Blender internal is amazing!:ba:;))

(Nonetheless: down with indigo! Blender internal is amazing!:ba:;))

Can’t agree with you on that, but it is getting better :smiley:

(P.S. Indigo is the easiest renderer to set up ;))

What was the render time.

On my processor, it was a whopping 14 hours. but its a really old computer, so don’t judge Indigo by it (I used Indigo 0.8)

that render is grainy to the max. i can see why people say ambient occlusion gets annoying after awhile.

other then that the render rocks

I could have let it render for much longer if I was seeking non-grainy results, but I didn’t feel like occupying my computer for the whole day… Thanks anyway :smiley: