pointless polys

after i make models, i have a habit of going back and removing as many of the vertices and faces as i can, without changing the actual mesh. i have 2 questions,

  1. is there an autimatic way of doing this, besides the ‘join triangles’ button?
  2. will this actually increase the framerate

You shouldn’t make models in a way, that needs removing of polys…

  1. is there an autimatic way of doing this, besides the ‘join triangles’ button?
    Yes it is located in python scripts button ->meshes->polyreducer.
  1. will this actually increase the framerate
    If you have 100k polys in one scene and you manage to reduce them to 50-60k there will be noticable speed up, but dont expect to reduce polys of just one object from 6000 to 3000 and Blender to increase your framerate automatically

Vertices have almost no impact on the framerate, if any- it’s polygons that do.
Every polygon has a teeny impact on the framerate, though the amount really depends on the computer. On a good rig, you can afford to have a few useless polys around, but I personally work to get to 0 just to stay in a good habit. What I really recommend, though, is just using a modeling process that doesn’t result in wasted polys (or verts).

If you have a lot of verts in the same place where you only need one, you can select them all and hit “remove doubles” in the button panel (or hit W and then 6) and it will delete all but one of the vertices in any place there are more than one in one spot. I usually do this with the whole mesh selected when I’m finalizing it, unless there’s a spot where I need two individual vertices to be in the same place.

PS sorry if I come off as incoherent, I’ve got a couple different painkillers in me right now X|

Just a question. How can you tell how many poly’s you have?

top right of the window.Fa:2015483 or whatever. the number is how many polys.

edit: Ve is verts, La is lamps, and Ob is objects(the left number is total, right is selected). Mem is some sort of memory, but i don’t know exactly what is measured(it says “1.24M(9.24M)” when the process takes 41.8MiB?). Time is render time, and next to that is the name of the active object.

Thanks mrhippieguy!