Point'n click????????

Is possible to use a point’n click to create a RPG game as “Diablo”?

In other words, when I click in some place of the map the character go to this place.


but it will require python, and it will be a pain to get working right

Haven’t tested this, but in theory the basic method would be:

Using Python, get position of mouse cursor when clicked.

Place empty at this position + some Z axis value.

Set a track to actuator on the player to point to the empty.

Set a forward velocity.

There will no doubt be a whole array of problems encountered whilst doing this, but it seems possible. If you want pathfinding too it would become quite a complex project. I don’t know of anyone who’s programmed a working pathfinding script.

There’s a pretty good pathfinding demo somewhere on this forum.

Lol the simple way to do this is: when you click with your mouse somewhere in the level, it adds a invisible cube or else, then when the cubes is added, the character has always a track to sensor and/or ray sensor and starts moving to the invisible object. When it hits the object the invisible mesh gets ended. Now the character stands still and waits for another cube to be added to track to.

When you want more interaction, make the ai so, when it is moving to the invisible cube and encounters enemies on his path, it will stop tracking to until the enemies are death, or just attacks while moving (mechwarrior idea) Like it’s turning his guns to the enemy while moving to the cube and starts attacking. In this way you can create an army of mechs to control. The harder thing is to let them not hit eah other. :smiley:

I think Nor.J did this system with a strategy game, it works perfect. He was able to create a click character and point him to walk system while clicking another and give that one another walk direction. At the end I could click 10 tanks and point them each a different way. 8)

Great idea, JD-multi (adding invisible objects)!

Easiest way would be instead of adding and deleting a cube, just have one invisicube thats always there. When you click, use a ray coming from wherever the mouse is (getting it to go the right direction is the tricky part) and use the position it hits on the ground to move the cube there. Then have a script on the player that if the cube is a certain distance away, to track the cube and move forward.

Download my strategy test for an example, although it’s a little more complicated than what you would need I think:

hmmmm pretty slow for my tastes… in other words, it doesn’t really work for my saluk.


I was thinking the same thing that JD-multi said.
point and click-game would be a cool thing…

Yep works the best. I used it for my flight ai, flew to a cube, cube got deleted, flew to another added cube, and so on so on. also really handy by adding a cube with actor status, so it falls down :), then the players walkt towards the cube, when he’s close, the cube gets deleted, and you can point another place to walk to. :smiley: No idea how to stay it with 1 cube, like player isn’t finished walking, but click somewhere else, old point gets deleted and reset to new point. No idea how to do that. :-?