Pointy eared girl

Shes an elf or an imp or something

Nice render - reminds of an old master’s style of drawing. The image would fit in perfectly with a childrens fantasy book, along with props ofcourse.

I must say the only real problem I have with the image is her eyes are a little too close together. It just doesn’t look quite right to me.

bit of progress

The latest posted pics are looking better. I’m not into doing realistic humans so I can’t provide any advice in that way. However, you seem to be struggling with a title for this character… Kinda looks like a Vulcan from Star Trek to me…:eyebrowlift:

Thanks Randy, I dont really care what its called

The modelling is great as always!

I think that if you really get the hairline better and add some eyebrows it could be a lot less “un-canny”

paintover for the hairline:

(I moved the ear a little too… sorry it’s rough, did it with a laptop touchpad!)


looks like the kid out of the munsters.

yeah I’m going to completely redo the hair. I want her to be blond. I’ve never seen really good hair in blender