Poison In Halloween Candy!!!

Ok, I’ve already excepted that I’m going to get flamed and that the mods are going to be d-bags and join in on the bashing as usual, but I’m doing this because I’m sure there are plenty of you who have children, know people who have children ect…

I’ve already emailed my friends who have children so I figured I may as well tell you guys.

A lot if not all the candy that is coming from China for Halloween has a chemical called “Melamine”. The Chinese put it in there baby formula and it cause irreparable kidney/liver damage to babies who drank the formula.The Chinese gov recalled all the formula and candy, but they’ve sent it to us instead! They’ve put it in the candy we will be giving out and consuming for Halloween!

Here the link to the video discussing it:

Wikipedia link:

Read up on it if you want to learn more, I’m not going to respond for people asking for more proof ect. that it’s dangerous or that it’s being used in Halloween candy, the people who constantly barrage others with trivial and impossible to answer questions like what will probably be asked are a-holes.

I gave you some info, go do more research for yourself instead of bashing me like what most of you d-bags do.


Very little candy, if any, actually comes from China.
Melamine is introduced in food to fool the control agencies tests so it seem that there are more proteins than there really are. How much proteins are there usually in candy ? None. So nobody will spend money introducing melamine in candy.


Well IamInnocent it seems as though Target sure is selling a lot, not only that, think of all the products we get from China, especially food, I’m not saying all Halloween candy is going to be contaminated, but just keep an eye out on it, checking your kids candy should be practiced anyways seeing how they are going to a strangers house and getting it. I think it would be great if fruit was given more than candy, candy is just bad for people period, but sure does taste good.

Oh, thanks for not bashing me btw, I really appreciate it.


I’ll not bash you either. I also worry about melamine in me food from China.

And if you have kids don’t give them melamine, or candy from China that is contaminated by melamine. Because it’s bad for kids. (and adults).

Oh well, I see that reason has no grip on fear as usual.


Really? I’m pretty sure that I’ve bought, eaten, ect. candy that is from China. It’s mostly the chocolates, did you even watch the video?

All these chemicals that are in everything is pretty bad, people wonder why we have so many new and horrible health problems, yet we have all these chemicals tht are injected into everything we consume, even water is bad for you (fluoride, chlorine, ect.).


Very true, however it’s a multi-layered system. Nobody cares about the protein in candy, but it’ll have been made with milk/milk powder from a source where someone may well have cared about it. Nobody would have spent money putting it in milk if there wasn’t money to be made. What the milk gets used for afterwards is of little concern to them.

I really doubt there would be a problem, unless you’re getting odd imported sweets (even then…). Any manufacturer who was found to have this in their products would get some rather bad publicity. It’s in their best interests to pull anything that might be contaminated (people from the UK, recall the salmonella cadburys chocolate?) even if there isn’t much risk, purely because of the cost of loss of public trust.

Edit -

All these chemicals that are in everything is pretty bad, people wonder why we have so many new and horrible health problems, yet we have all these chemicals tht are injected into everything we consume, even water is bad for you (fluoride, chlorine, ect.).

Oh yes, CHEMICALS. The only thing said with more venom is NUCLEAR. CHEMICALS are bad because they aren’t NATURAL OMG.

You think that they add chlorine for fun? Yes, some chemicals are bad for us, shockingly some are good.

so many new and horrible health problems

How many health problems have been eradicated? How many women die of childbirth these days? How common is polio? Being in a place where we can worry about the effects something will have on our lives in 40 years time is incredible.

And yes, of course you a-holes just can’t keep from bashing me.

Screw off!

Go back to sleep sheeple.


I’ll grant you that there is a possibility that some candy contain some part of powdered milk.

We eat melamine every day: it is present in most plastics and it migrates in our food. To get poisoned you need to eat quite a bit of it and over a long period of time, months and months. At my weight I could eat no less that 300g of the stuff in one day and not even feel it.

My point is that all that propaganda around the ‘bad Chinese who don’t care if they poison us and our children’ is more toxic, more damageable to the mind and soul than any risk of being actually made sick by eating the candy.

Oh boy! I don’t hang out much in OT and I didn’t know the character otherwise I wouldn’t have cared.

I read in an article somewhere that the melamine was added for extra protein…can’t be too bad XD


More precisely it was added to elevate the nitrogen level. No real protein was added.

Most organization like the Food and Drug administration, are overloaded with work and under founded. To cut cost, instead of directly test for proteins, they evaluate the level of nitrogen and with this make an estimate of the protein content.

Exactly mack, then the Chinese children started to develope liver and kidney problems and many died because of the melamine, then Chinese gov took it off the shelves and shipped it to us.

Melamine has ABSOLUTELY NO nutritional value at all!

It’s about as healthy for you as fluoride in water, fluoride is not to be ingested, in fact on toothpaste tubes, that contains the same amount as a glass of average treated water, say on there to call the poison control center if you do swallow it, yet the gov puts it in water?

Trust me, Melamine is not good for you, I bet you did’nt get to the part of the article where it talks about how deadly the stuff is, otherwise you’d understand why you don’t want little kids getting it into there system sense it’s worse for them than it is for us.


Oh, heh I thought it was just an excuse or something, that makes more sence

Knowledge! XD

edit: JB, It was a very short article mostly about how the gov is going to get trust back or something, didnt talk very much about melamine actualy…except for that it gave babies kidney stones and such, and the bit about protein

Yep that sure is correcto mundo

interestingly enough, this afternoon i bought some shelf boards made of melamine. stuff has a warning on it that says to use respitory safety tools when cutting etc.
in the candy? :spin::spin:

i remember hearing the bull like 4 years ago…I could careless…If people posion kid.they are messed up in the head…

Isn’t candy bad for your kids in the first place? Maybe the Chinese are adding melamine to give us an incentive to stop being such fat fucking pigs, because being fat apparently isn’t incentive enough.

Edit: BTW, who exactly is bashing or flaming you? Some people just don’t buy into conspiracy theories is all. If you have the right to voice your opinion, so do the rest of us. Don’t want to feel like people are bashing you and your beliefs? Don’t post

Thanks for the warning. You’ve brought up an interesting topic, and I’m glad you brought this to my attention before the holiday.

For those of you too lazy to look this up, here’s what the wikipedia article had to say about the toxicity of melamine:

This is pretty alarming, but I don’t think anyone will actually die after eating contaminated candy, unless of course you’re eating a lot of it. Besides, if you’re not limiting the candy intake of your children you’re not doing your job as a parent anyway. Be safe, check your candy, but most of all have fun. I think the best advice is to be prepared but not get so worried that it ruins the holiday. The chance for your kids to have any health problems related to melamine is pretty small considering that a small percentage (if any) of their candy will actually be chinese candy and the fact that melamine has to be combined with cyanuric acid to be harmful in low doses. Also keep in mind that the lethal dosage of melamine is about the same as common table salt.

Jackblack, I dont think anyone was “bashing” you. Being sarcastic is one thing but being an “a-hole” as you like to say, is another. Telling people to “Screw off!” and calling them “sheeple” dosent make you look like a very civil person. Just keep that in mind when you go off on another one of your rants.

P.S. For the record, I’m not trying to “bash” you with that last comment. Just trying to give you another perspective on your own choice of words. Lets try to keep the flames minimal please = )

It only killed babies. Not big boys as us, but the way you’ve been acting lately JB, I understand why you are worried that it would kill you also.

I don’t celebrate this pagan holiday, problem solved. (for me that is)