Poison in the tea

Hello everyone, a while since I appeared here, but now I am back with a new image that is better modelled. Now with subsurfacing and more skill!
The idea is, well… Someone has put poison in this tea. Very interesting, but really I was just making an image.
Originally this was a courtroom, in which this was the first piece of evidence. I decided against this idea, however. If anyone has any ideas for why there might be poison in the tea that would be easy to incorporate, please say.
The image is lacking a background. If anyone has a good suggestion for one, or something good to google for, please say!
And a wire, for those of you who are into edgeloops:
Please give crits, be as harsh as you like!

nice, but i have some serious critage :smiley: :

  • looks like you have a light located right beside the cup of tea somewhere, pick 1 main light source and locate all the light relatively away from the scene.

-try some raytransp on the pill bottle (in the mirror/transp tab in the materials)

for a background look for a shot of the inside of a kitchen then move your camera around to get it to fit right (so the kitchen doesnt look like its ging up/downhill)

good scene otherwise :smiley:

Perhaps tea should be a bit more transparent?

How about spicing up the cup and the pot with some color and uneven texture?

Perhaps scratches to wooden part?

Nice idea for a scene. Nice looking mesh too.

Minor update, I have changed the lighting - now no more multiple shadows!
The bottle does have ray transparency, I am not sure how I could make it better.
The next step is to UV map some sort of design onto the teapot and cup. And to add a background, of course.

Top of the pot is a bit “toothy”, perhaps separate it from rest of the mesh?

No offense but i still don’t like the tea.

Looks better now.

I have seperated the lid from the pot (how it was attached in the first place I don’t know.) I know the tea isn’t very good, if anyone could advise me on creating a realistic tea colour/texture please say. I’ve just given it a ramp shader with green in it to make it look poisoned - at the moment I think anyone to just see it really would feel ill!
OK, I’ve only just watched a video tutorial on how to do ramp shaders, so I’m not very good at them.

Try playing with ZTransp and Ray Transp in Mirror Transp menu. Perhaps try Ray Mirror too.

I would try to put the green on specularity or try to make a texture a put it to affect specularity so that in the places where it is in effect the light reflecting is greenish. I hope this makes some sense. I have used blender seriously only two weeks so you can call me n00b if you want. Just my two cents.

You might also want to check http://en.wikibooks.org/wiki/Blender_3D for more help.

The bottle does already, in fact, have ray transparency and a tiny ammount of ray mirror. I think I am going to re-model that bottle, so that there are more ridges on the side and none inside. I will also lower the alpha on the bottle material, so the poison inside can be seen better.

Sorry for the double-post, but it’s on the second page now (really I think I shouldn’t bump either, but oh well).
I have remodelled the poison bottle, now with a lot more ridges on the side, a better inside and better liquid inside.
Keep the crits coming!