Poison Ivy - Brazillian Contest

Hi everyone! This is an image I made for a contest about Batman. I´m happy :smiley: - I won.

Hi, JJ! congratulations!!! this work is amazing and full of minimalistc details that fills the scene… i like it very mutch… but… if you don´t like your prize, send it to me!!! hehehehe
congratz again!

Congrats, nice work.
If you want this to be better you might make the plants a little better.
The girl looks well modelled.
Favorite part to me is the hair.

Nice Job and Congrats!

Your character is the best part- all the hair eyes facial and body details match very well.

The plants however could have used a little more work. For instance, I notice that the plant in the very center of the picture in the foreground has clearly showing polygon edges. It does not fit with the rest of the plants which are very curvy.

Nonetheless its still a wonderful job.

So fu**ing nice!
I realy like it! (Sorry if I overreact)

Realy nice done. Well made charcter and scene setup!

Great work JJ! :smiley: A well deserved win!


wow most superb

:slight_smile: Look very good. Regards.

Looks sweet! However there seems to be a lot of grain, is this due to compression or using a low level of AO?

As always amazing works, the modeling , texture, render…etc
everything just great.Congrats! :smiley:

Congrats!! I like the style a lot on this. Can you put a link to the contest page so we can see the other entries (and see how much they suck compared to yours)?

Looks terrific. I’d have set the AO quality higher to reduce the grain, but I don’t know what your render time was so that might not have been feasible.

looks great!

Exceptional work.

Some more details to the plants and the skin on her would make a huge difference in the final quality of the image, but you pulled it off without it.


Thank you guys! I´m putting some wip pics here, after the answers.

k3pp: My girlfriend is the real winner. I will give her my old card. She loves to play The Sims 2 - Argh!

vliegtuig, forTe, : I agree about the plants, but the time was over… I used curve deform to bend the plants, and some weird deformations come from that (but more subsurf could solve this).

womball, thelonesoldier: You will laugh, but I used noise as bump in the skin material. It was so flat… Now you said, I´m realizing it looks like AO noise. Maybe later I´ll render her tweaking the details.



Um I won’t, since I used 3 levels of noise and stucci bumps for my character. It works nicely. :slight_smile: Perhaps your settings are not quite high enough, so the bumps are really big.

Really nice. Character is very well done, but as someone pointed out tge plants on the front could have done some more work, or at least a bit more subsurf.

But I like the image, very character like.

Very well done! One ? though - are those Playing Cards strewn about all over the place? Just curious.

Thanks, guys!

I put here and there some hints about Batman Universe. The cards are a reference from The Joker. But there is something else with it. I put the logo of my virtual (very virtual, just for fun) animation company. No one can see it, so here is the pic: