hey guys,
i good rememberings of my childhood i decided to do some pokemon related work and started (obviously) with a pokeball :smiley:
im still thinking about how to use it later on, maybe in a pokecenter, prof oaks lab or somethingā€¦

also i did like a pokeball flood with a particle system, not spectacular but i kinda like it 8)

Hahah, I didnā€™t like pokemon back then, but your ball is looking good! Itā€™s interesting how with with fairly simple modeling you can do a good looking render in Blender! :slight_smile:

pokemon is awesome! :smiley: i spent like 70% of my childhood at it :smiley:

yea thats true, there are pretty awesome ways of modelling thingsā€¦im pretty new to it but i love learning all that stuff

Used to love pokemon, this is a great render.