Is that Dialga I see?
Aaaaannnnndddd… Two things:
I can see the edges of the pokeball…(Just in case you didn’t notice)
And some pokeballs overlap and kinda intersect with each other.
Very cool though, I love Pokeball art.

Oh…uhm thats not Dialga haha thats just the first picture I could find on my computer to use for reflections. I think it’s me flipping on a trampoline. I did just reallize that you can see the edges and thought of a way to fix it but then I would have to everything over again :slight_smile: The overlapping is because I simulated them falling but then didnt think there were enough and just dupicated them trying tto avoid overlapping.

how did you do the reflection map on the big poke ball?

I just made a huge sphere surrounding everything, set the material to shadeless, and then picked any picture.

Just fix the edges with a subsurf modifier. May have to define a few edges for the materials but that’s it.