Pokemon 3D project

Hello Everyone! I’m Nightmare34, been on here once, but I’m once again back. Anyways, Here’s the reason why I’m back.

The idea of this is a single player game, which may or may not hit online multiplayer later on. Its centralized around the cancelled game called Pokemon Generations. I’d like to make a game as similar as I can because I simply love the style of the game. This project will be entirely made in blender and will be released in beta stages similar to how pokemon generations was released. It is entirely fan-made so its non-profit. Its mainly a learning project, I’d like to explore blender more and at the same time continue a project that was really simply amazing. NOTE: I do not have or plan on using any resources from pokemon generations, as this is a seperate game.

I’m looking for a couple of artists and modelers who can help contribute to maximize textures and enhance models that are already made. I really need some good texturers because I’m stumped on how to do attack effects, but I love the way they were done in Pokemon generations. I do have a composer who is on board and my brother and I are both working on models.

The main reason that I’m here is I need creative criticism on the models that my brother and I make, it’d be nice to also pick up a modeler or two to help. I also need help with textures. While I can make simple textures, the recent textures that I have been making just aren’t amazing. I really need help on textures and maybe someone could help with effects.

I really would like to start this, and I’m willing to help as much as I can with any questions concerning anything. If you want to suggest something, please do, I might not have thought about it, or something like that. I can make a test world and test all the models and new ideas, but I need some help getting from a simple start to a legit game.

What I have so far

Pokemon List
Jigglypuff - http://gyazo.com/9af880a5f62c74e2acda1bf140242d82 - textures need to be refined
Shiny Jigglypuff - http://gyazo.com/a350560b1e055b52024d5ac9b9f0e410 - textures need to be refined
Voltorb - http://gyazo.com/bb3474053aefd9e4d47eaff7ff6df3be pretty much done
Oddish - http://gyazo.com/f58c559d59c8a98b1f9a908e8d84c6d2 - textures need to be refined
Shiny Oddish - http://gyazo.com/f525b41a0aa633e668f8648a06a9b1e0 - textures need to be refined
Gloom - http://gyazo.com/53958111f6cfcd0023471257cca64045 - textures need to be refined and black line added

Misc. Game stuff
Startup screen - http://gyazo.com/99ef16c93e314275620674c477548213
Un-textured kanto region lab (from the games) http://gyazo.com/cb6156d41d832f919558583aa5626386 http://gyazo.com/1441135381831a128c8ae44308027b0f

I would suggest to start building a 2.5-D version of the game you have in mind. It could be awesome if it was an isometric game. An MMO is really hard to make and requires a very powerful server, unless you plan to make the networking in this game peer-to-peer.

I would love to make something like chronotrigger, or final fantasy tactics, I have a bunch of assets for crazy game-play mechanics as well…

Changed the topic of this thread

The topic has been changed. I’d like to work with something smaller and easier.

EDIT: I added the list of pokemon that I’ve made so far. I’m currently working on the Kanto starters and their evolutions