Pokemon: Battlegrounds [Development Video]

(Hellhound) #21

If you guys still need help with modeling some of the pokemon after June 12 let me know. I should have some free time by then and would be glad to help.

(vresikon) #22

Some excellent points: I’ll tone him down. He doesn’t have a lot of modeled detail, so I don’t think I’ll need to normal map him, I’ll just re-topo to a more appropriate level. Thanks for the feedback!

@Hellhound: Who knows for sure, but unless someone else steps up and cranks out all 151; we will most likely need your help. After I get Ace to an acceptable level, I’m going to focus on finishing the gameplay mechanics, if I have to do the pokemon myself, this game’ll be finished somewhere around 2015. :stuck_out_tongue:

(PlanetKiller) #23

What kind of detail do you want the pokemans? I may have a few, but I rock low-poly whenever I can.

(Edge138) #24

This looks interesting. :stuck_out_tongue:

I think you should list all of the attacks you’re gonna have and break them down into groups. (For example, flamethrower and water gun will probably share the same animations, so you should put them in the same group. Get what I’m sayin’?)

(vresikon) #25

Sorry for the MIA! I’ve been somewhat busy and destracted lately, but I’m still confident that I can get the engine constructed in a reasonable time-frame.

LazDude’s been busy; He’s got the badges finished up nice;

From what I can recall, they look beautiful!

Also, Hellhound has modeled the Mew mesh:

Way to go guys!

As for me, I’ve been meeting dead ends on normal mapping: It’s harder than I thought! :confused: I might leave the modeling to those who are better at it, and tackle my own assignment, the engine. As far as that goes, I have little to show, since I’ve been trying to get Ace to work out. Soon, however, I’ll put up some kind of visual demonstration.

@PlanetKiller: We would love your help! Low poly is more than welcome, it’s the ideal! Sorry again for the late response. :stuck_out_tongue:

@Sonic14: Thanks! I wholeheartedly agree. I’ve been doing a bit of that whenever I’m not at the comp, so while I don’t have it typed up to present, I’ve been working it out in a similar manner to what you’ve described. After looking a bit into EasyEmit, I’ve decided that that’s how we’ll do the effects, and small adjustments to the particle systems will make for a wide variety of visually pleasing moves. Also, lots of the logic can be shared by attacks that work in similar manners. Thanks for the input!

(Hellhound) #26

I was sifting through my downloads folder when I came across a Giovanni model sheet I had downloaded sometime before and thought you guys might find it useful. If I remember right it’s from fuckyeahbetapokemon-dot-tumbler-dot-com. Only thing I did was double the resolution and image size from the original.


please guys finish this game!!! even a short version of it would be fantastic.

(vresikon) #28

Overworld programming video up in 3-2-1!

Check it out on the first post.:cool:

Oh yes, I’ve cut Ace’s Poly count down to 9000-ish.

(LazDude17) #29

Nice! Looks Great

(PlanetKiller) #30

9000-ish? Is it OVER 9000!? Here is an image of the bulba line without textures, tell me what you think. Could someone else do the textures while I model, and then share the finished pokemon; I might do a fps pokemon game with live-action battles and 3D graphics close to the current pokemon graphics.

TL;DR, gimme your opinion and someone do the textures for me, please?

(Josip Kladaric) #31

Hi, I like pokemon and I hope you will finish this game. Some time ago I made a few pokeballs for another pokemon game project but it failed so you can use it if you like.


pokeballs.blend (772 KB)







pokemon models and textures that i found. (just click on the picture of a pokemon and you will download a zip file) most are in obj, dea, with textures.