Pokemon Casual game, [Pokemon Mega]

Hi everyone,

i have done an game named Pokemon Mega,

Pokemon Mega is available Now!

It’s a turn-based game highly faithful to the details of the classic cartoon Pokemon. In this game, you are a Pokemon trainer. Your task is to capture Pokemon in the wild, train and upgrade them. Pokemon can be evolved just like in the cartoon. After evolution, Pokemon will acquire the new skills and higher battle power!

i hope many people give me feedback so i can update my game.


Don’t forget to click on “Add to Home” to obtain premiere Pokemon - Pikachu (Phone players available ONLY)

Friendly Tips: We don’t recommend players who use Facebook browser to use share function on the page, please use Add to Favorite function to save the game link.

Please note: If major BUGs occur, the game might delete the current records and start over.

here is our Pokemon Mega video.

Do you get permission from Nintendo to publish this game, I ask because the company is known for aggressively protecting their IP’s (noting the various Mario fangame projects that have been shut down over the years)?

If you didn’t, I would expect a cease-and-desist order from them before long.