Pokemon center walkaround.

UPDATE #2 on May 03, 2012
Check new video on latest post.

UPDATE May 03, 2012
Another real-time screen. See more in latest post.

UPDATE May 01, 2012

New screen. Been working on foliage; trees, grass, bushes. Like I’ve said, my goal is to finish it and make it look pretty decent, but it doesn’t have to be “perfect”.

Here are some game engine runtimes with test on the foliage. Just a start:

Update 2/17/2012

Back after a break from this. Right now I’m working on the textures for the outside and testing baking and what not for the outside, also lighting. Some test exe’s in this post, in the link above. Some screenshots and renders just to show.

Make a Pokemon Center first-person walkaround that has a small outside area. Pay special attention to lighting. Going to use baked textures that have ambient occlusion on them as well as ray-traced shadows.
The graphics will be something similar to R Racing Evolution.

It’s going to be like a game, but instead of a goal like beat the bad guys, all it’s going to be is walking around looking at the graphics.

Doesn’t have to be perfect. Would just like to finish.

The place I’m making is basically a hospital. It’s from a game called Pokemon, but more realistic than that.

Here’s a screen, with all the grass, from a test exe using the game engine. I’m testing the foliage rendering in Blender Game Engine. So far, so good.

Second screen is a render of the unfinished inside of the PokeCenter.

Other pictures are renders of the center of random places, to show you the general idea.


so this is going to be like a pokemon game or just the poke centre.

I really like pokemon :slight_smile:

Just the Center.

Forgot to say, I just finished modelling everything on the inside of the PokeCenter. I’m now starting to texture.


Bake test render. Realtime screenshot.


aww yesss I wanted to do this myself but I never did

Here are some renders of plant life. What I’m going to do for a lot of it is render them in orthographic mode and use them on flat polygons as textures, and that will be the whole thing. Used a lot in games.


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Here’s some renders just to show you the general idea of the hospital. There’s a ward, some storage rooms, and other things you’d expect in a hospital/clinic.

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Real-time screenshot of multi-texture lightmaps. It’s jsut a test, but it turned out really good.

New image:

Been working on trees, grass, bushes, etc.

Some more real-time screenshots with the lightmap in place.


Here’s a short video of the map: