Pokemon Evo

So here’s the first render of my Pokeball.

I know there’s a bunch of noise in certain parts but I’m still mucking about with the renderer and learning what numerous nodes do XD

And it’s also still pretty basic.

Oh and this was done using:

Blender v2.68.5,
Cycles Render,
Ubuntu Studio 12.04 64bit,

3000 samples @ 4 hours 47 minutes.

What do you guys think?

Looks decent, but like you said very basic.
The front one is a bit blurry.
4 Hours!? What GPU did you used for that?
I thought my 40k Poly scene on 2500 samples, about ~2 hours is very long. >.>

Keep up your work!

The front one being blurry is deliberate, I’m messing with the “depth of field” setting XD

As for render times and what GPU I’m using… It’s none. despite having a 550Ti, I can’t use the thing. I’m being forced to use my CPU ( which at the moment is an AMD Athlon II x2 ).

I keep getting CUDA errors that prevent me using my GPU :L I’m trying to get it sorted though so that I can shave my render times.

I’ve changed the modelling and pumping out another render as this is written so keep an eye out :slight_smile:

Right, so here’s the second render. I’ve remodelled and changed materials and rendered it using CUDA with a temporary fix.

this one was 3000 samples @ 37 minutes 02 seconds.

OK, so just for kicks I put name tags for each of the Pokemon inside the Pokeballs.

Also, as you can see, the inner ring lights up with the colour of the type of Pokemon inside, this is done using a new technology that identifies the type of Pokemon…

What do you guys think?

3000 samples @ 42 minutes 55 seconds

The second renders look a lot better, but think about centering the balls in the frame. :slight_smile: