Pokemon Inspired Project - "Cubians" [Need Modeler] [You will have recognition in-game]

Hello, I’m Lamccar, I’m creating a game about Cubians, small creatures that are becoming slowly extinct within the game universe by an enormous virus affecting their species.
I need modeling help, like, nature models, town parts, and other sorts of things, and possibly even clothing. If you would like to help, contact me on discord at NarwhalsAreFalling#8753 or [email protected]

Some examples of the current game state:

Hello I am Interested on your project work

Hii! What do you have that I can contact you with?

Haha, I saw your email, I’ll check it now!

I am very interesed! i make monster and cotidian objets in blender

It’s interesting but where are the creatures. The people look kinda samely too.