Pokemon Iron and Coal

2 Pokemon games created by yours truly.


  • Gen 1 to 5 Pokemon
  • Some Mega Evolutions
  • Cool Music
  • A choice of a male and female character
  • Rivals depend on gender
  • Overworld Sprites and 3D models
  • Hopefully… Wonder Trades and Ability to battle Online!!!






3D Modelers
2D artists
Coders (Preffered C# and Javascript)

Okay Guys, so IF you can’t see the models of Red and Leaf, here they are :slight_smile:

Red- Male Players

Leaf- Female Players

Her knees are kind of disturbing but the rest is great. They both look really good, but be careful how awesome you make this game. Pokemon likes to shut down fan games sometimes if they get too popular. But if that happens you can just change the name of your game to Hokiemon and change the pokemons names :wink: Seriously though it looks great so far.

great I love PK.

Yeah Nintendo isn’t too keen on fan-made Pokemon Games. Good luck, though.

add a video!(gameplay).

(@sammy lee) No gameplay videos yet. Game is still early in development
(@everyone) Thanks! I never expected anyone to notice this in the first place and well I’ve got over 200 Pokemon available.
Ps. There will be no shinies in this game. I can’t be bothered to add them.
Thanks again

Knees Fixed

Epic. Keep it up man. :smiley:

Before you model any more pokemons you should maybe try to do something in-game with the ones you have…

Do you have any gameplay yet? Expanding your asset list isn’t wise at this point.

Tell me what you think.
How I should improve it or anything like that

Texture definition and relative sizes of UV islands? You’ll want more definition for more detailed parts like the eyes but overall since the pokemon are mostly solid color you can get away with quite small textures.

Are you telling me you are producing this game by first trying to complete 500 pokemon models, then rig 500 models, then animate 500 models and only then see what kind of gameplay you can even build? It’s insane. Complete 5 pokemons with animations and everything you need, make a playable demo of the game idea and see where to expand from there. You don’t even know what kind of rig or animation you’ll need for each pokemon until you plan the game in more detail and give it an actual try.

I never thought of it like that. I’ll rig the starters and some easy Pokemon like Magikarp.
Thanks for the advice

Nice! Luxio looks good.

Kheetor is right, we all love your drive but you need to start small. Trust me.
I’ve been on and off game development as a hobby for five years now - my high point was creating Java games, I did so by getting small systems done in short bursts of time. The feeling of completing something drives you on. Trust me :slight_smile:

Thats Luxray its evo :smiley:

Woops, my bad. I knew it was the evolution just switched the names :wink: