Pokemon like game - story ideas ?

I would like to hear some of the ideas you guys have on this topic. What kind of story ideas do you have for a pokemon type game ?

Do you have a basic concept of what the setting of the game is? (time, genre, style etc.)

You are free to pick any time period and style. The gameplay should be similar to other Pokemon games, top-down rpg style, unless you come up with something that works better.

Mutations and gene splicing?

Collect genes to tamper/alter a base set of “critters”?

Professor Josip’s Genetical Heretical Hijinks

So in other words Pokemon Wrectified?

I’m starting to wonder if you’re just not good at ideas if they’re not in line with the ones being applied to your game project, you do have an idea on what Pokemon are, right?

To Josip; There’s a lot of people out there who would just love a nice big open world Pokemon game but anyone who isn’t an expert in Python yet shouldn’t even attempt it.

Ah, I miss the original one from my childhood days with Ash, Misty, and Brock. I remember the GameBoy games. Good times :slight_smile:

There’s a lot of people out there who would just love a nice big open world Pokemon game but anyone who isn’t an expert in Python yet shouldn’t even attempt it.

Ah, I miss the original one from my childhood days with Ash, Misty, and Brock. I remember the GameBoy games. Good times

Yeah I think Fire Red and Ruby are my favorite. The problem is that our memories are distorted and we filled all the blanks trough the years combining stuff from the tv series, movies and games into a package that we call pokemon now.
But someone playing any of those games, or even any of the new pokemon games wont have that same feeling.

My goal is to figure out what is the core of the Pokemon experience.

We know what it is, that is why we can say stuff like: “a nice big open world Pokemon game”. But can we describe it ?

I’m no moderator, but I feel like this post is in the wrong section. There’s no technical BGE question or comment here.

Here are 2 ideas I have for your turn-based game:

Idea 1: How about a futuristic theme based on remote-controlled robots fighting each other? Kinda like Robot Wars Extreme Destruction cross Real Steel. You could base a ton of attributes to the different robots, such as agility and strength etc. and can work with a turn-based system, seeing as it would be a controlled game/tournament kind of thing with rules (1 action per turn, or something like that).

Idea 2: You are a time-traveller who goes through the ages fighting ancient civilizations. You travel across many countries and cultures in time and fight them. As the game progresses, and time passes, it gets harder as the humans know how to beat you (better technology). I like this one because it has more variety and seems interesting.

Hope one of these seem somewhat inspirational :slight_smile:

It’s game engine support and discussion. Although op is not discussing the engine itself, he is discussing a game he wants to make with the engine. I think it’s fine :wink:

Gotta catch 'em all™?


I like Pokemon Generations for its real-time approach to battling. I’d like to see more of that out of the Pokemon games. I’d also like to see more “episodic” approaches to the plots such games. The official Pokemon games are very much “Get the badges, fight the elite four, be the champion” kinds of journeys, I think, but that was so little of the actual television show.

The plot in the show had much more of a “Hey, look what happened to us this week! Well, let’s solve the problem.” kind of approach that is, to me, lacking in many games. Getting the badges and beating the elite four was still part of the journey in the show, but it wasn’t really about that. It was about dealing with individual people and characters, and overcoming different obstacles that presented themselves to Ash and the party. The Megaman Battle Network series was somewhat similar to this in its episodic feel, I think.

I also like the idea of each character / creature / weapon / item not being gradual level-based in terms of its power, but rather each one being uniquely useful and interesting in its own way. If you like the first “Pokemon” you’re presented with, you should be able to beat the entire game with that one through your skill more-so than just grinding and gaining levels.

Those are just some thoughts.

You guys have some interesting ideas…

Catching all Pokemon is a fun thing to do but its not the main goal because you wont use 94% of them. Catching them all was a great thing in the first few games but after the Johto league they just started adding 100 new pokemon every year and that to me is just stupid. I think catching them all is a very good goal to have if the number of pokemon is constant and now increasing all the time.

Pokemon Generations real-time battles are great and look like you expect pokemon battles to look like. But I think that they will have a lot of problems down the road because of unpredictable terrain and obstacles on the “battlefield”.
I don’t know have you played Black & White, not the pokemon games, the game by Lionhead Studios. In that game when you start a fight a circle appears around you that represents the arena and then you fight inside that arena. I think this mechanic would decrease the chances your camera getting stuck or blocked by trees or rocks and pokemon falling down a cliff while fighting.

Story in episodes would be interesting, I’ll look into that. Maybe make one episode a month during 2014.

About using the same Pokemon to beat the whole game, does that mean that skills would level up and change, not the Pokemon ?

How about:

  • Monsters that the player has to make bonds with and then can be summoned in battle to fight alongside him.
    (yes the player can fight too… tho it seems alot of work (swords, armor, xp etc) so you can ignore this.:spin: )
  • The monsters have 3-4 ‘Stages’ (temporary evolution) in which they can ‘Stage Shift’ after fighting for some time (I think somewhat like Digimon).
  • As the monsters get more experienced they can decide which stage to be in at the beginning of the battle.
  • The stages can have certain advantages/disadvantages.

and I totally agree with you… Realtime battle can be quite problematic (e.g. suppose you have to battle inside a building). Predefined battle areas and chance based battle is better and easier to handle

btw you do know that you would have to work with a compatible database system for this kind of game right?

Those are interesting but more Digimon like mechanics. I am looking for a story for a Pokemon game and trying to figure out the core of what makes Pokemon games so interesting.

They were your childhood, I don’t like them, but I am a ff3/chrono kid…

So I like those and would love to remake them…

But you can’t erase the impact a game has on your budding psychi.

I for instance want to collect espers and rainbow shell fragments…
you want to imprison little oddly colored forest animals.

Yeah, maybe “locking” the fighting area down would be the best idea. Maybe the issue could be avoided by giving each Pokemon a “traversal” ability that allows them to get out of sticky situations like that. For example, a Squirtle could fire water downward to give a “jetpack” effect should it fall off of a bridge. That would take SP to pull off, but it would be something to do.

Well, maybe the Pokemon could get new abilities, but I always wanted to make a game where, should I skip to the end of the game, I would still be able to defeat the last boss because I’m skilled, rather than because my characters’ stats are high. The difficulty would be based around the bosses and the enemies’ movements and attack patterns, rather than what level they are, what your character has equipped, or what skills they have so much.

Anyway, this was just a theory of mine that I’ve yet to make a game around. I like the idea that any and every weapon and item in the game has advantages and disadvantages. So, you’d really weigh the decisions between equipment because going without any weapon (max. speed) is as viable a tactic as using the largest sword in the game (worst speed, max. cutting power).

I also had similar idea to make pokemon game. Playing world system would be the same as “Heroes V-VI” game. The battle could be cross by few pokemons or just One vs One on box areas. You can use original skils etc. And sorry because i don’t have idea for story but I agree with previous speakers of his ideas.

OMG!!! Guys, guys, guys, I’ve been silently creating a blender-pokemon based game featuring all the regions Johto/Kanto/Hoenn (no sinnoh or unova as yet) and my main plan is:

  • to have non story NPC’s give you side quests and not just say things like “My boyfriend is so cool”,(and be rewarded obviously)
  • be able to join Team Magma/Aqua/Rocket/Rangers (kinda gta sa style.)
  • be able to travel between regions in one game
  • be able to battle other real trainers and be ranked (like a real battle stadium in real time every month or somn)
  • be able to have crew members based on exp (1 to start) for double battles (like lets say misty/brock/may/gary)
  • (this one is a secret)

and yeah while i knew this adventure was just wishful thinking during my spare time i was able to achieve so much more than i’d ever expect to:

  • Achievements *

    • Working battle system
    • Fully mapped terrain (Kanto/Johto/Hoenn)
    • Npc missions (slight bugs)
    • Day/night (was very easy)
    • (the secret thing goes here)
  • Still to do

    • network system
    • you know what, list too long to post here but i’m so glad to see so many guys interested in in this, actually i too like “Josip Kladaric”
      wanted to figure out what is the true core of the Pokemon experience.

So in summation if there are any serious folks out there lets turn this in to a real thing(and hope we not be sued).
Thanks again for all the great idea guys

Don’t worry about getting sued. If you make a decent game that gives players a good Pokemon experience, mention that Nintendo owns all the characters and the brand name and make it free but not open source they wont sue you.
Worst case scenario is that they “ask” you to stop distributing and marketing the game.
They sue only people that use the popularity of their IP to make money or damage their IP. Nintendo likes good fan projects, it just makes their IP more popular.

I have a vision of the Pokemon game I want to make but not the time or skill to make it right now. So I made a google drive folder for my reference photos and I have a private dropbox folder for what I made so far.
If you want I can help you with some stuff, but I can’t promise anything.