Pokemon Modeling Help

I’ve been trying to model Spheal

I don’t know how, even though i’ve watched the tutorials.
Ive made and resized the sphere so far for its body.
What do I do next?

start with a cube, give it a multires modifier, add a few levels, use the sculpt brush on it, then use retopo to build a new lower poly mesh on top of it.

personally, i would go with subsurf modelling.
if you’ve got the sphere sized nicely, i would look at selecting roughly where you want the feet, and then the ears - in face select mode - and press ‘e’ to extrude them
use a couple steps (press e, move it, click to place it, rotate / scale as you see fit, extrude again, do this maybe 4-5 times i would think would be enough to shape them nicely.)
same for the eye sockets - select a face in roughly the right spot, ‘e’ -> right click, scale in to a nicer size (if the face is too large), e and extrude inwards a little, and again scaling it in slightly.

for further explaination, review the techniques shown here: http://www.blendercookie.com/2010/10/30/creating-a-cartoon-skull/

hope all goes well :slight_smile: