Pokemon moves

Hello. I’m making a 3D animation series’s, but I’ve got no idea where to even start in making pokemon moves. Fire and smoke isn’t working right for me, neither is the fluid. I know how to animate the pokemon models, but I’m just lost in building sphere moves, beam moves, water moves, and fire moves.

What is pokemon moves? is it when the master throw the ball? if so then you are asking in the wrong thread this will animation related.

Hey! Fellow fan using Blender for parody vids! What’s up?

But yea. This is the wrong thread. Pokemon attack animations usually involve fire, smoke, dust, orbs, and beams. The fire and smoke issues would be better solved if you go to that thread and provide more details as to the issues you are having. My first initial guess is that it has something to do with GPU rendering, but that is just a blind guess without more details. Many special moves are done using a core sphere or sphere-capped cylinder (I forget the name, but you make them easily with the skin modifier.) and then attaching a particle system to them. For physical moves, you can use shape keys to morph limbs to full extension, then duplicate, rig, and animate the extended limb. You can then mix out the texture for a white emission to get that anime-style effect and then mix that out for transparency on the original limb to hide it.

I hope that gives you a little direction, but check out the other threads and see if you can get fire, smoke, and fluids working. A lot of techniques useful for Pokemon moves are used in general purpose VFX. I remember one tutorial about explosions which exploded a sphere into tiny flaming fragments. With a little tweaking, it would have made for an epic looking Flame Burst, but only Pokemon fans would know that. Good luck with your series!