Pokemon X and Y 3D printing and short film

Hey! Thanks for taking a look at our project. We are looking for a 3D modeling team for a 3D printing project that will ultimately transform pokemon into 3D printed physical figures. Hopefully this will turn into a much more long term partnership with an artist.

Our main goal is to create very realistic looking pokemon 3d models perhaps using Zbrush or Blender. We will work with the artist in order to make sure that any models produced are capable of being 3D printed.
We have a lot of experience with 3d printing, and have used 3d printing in our research. We are quite capable with solidworks, autodesk, 3ds max and cinema 4d, however we are engineers, not artists, and making something organic like a pokemon is simply not our area of expertise.

Also if it is ok with the artist, we were wanting to use the 3D models in a short film based on the new Pokemon X and Y. Here is a teaser.

It would be great to work with someone on this project who shares the same passion and energy that we do.
If you are interested, show off your work and let us know!