These are 3 pokemon I made the other day (not sure why; I was just bored, I guess).


kool I loved pokemon since I can remember :smiley: great job mate hope you do som more pokemons.

cool, Magnemite! I made one of those…yours is a different graphic style though, it resembles the cartoonish ones more :smiley: looks awesome!

I don’t recognize the second one though…i know the third is Magnezone, but…

nice model ^^ just try out the toon shader and edge setting :eyebrowlift:

Wasn’t the second one called magnetron?
Better lighting and an environment will make this image look better.

Keep it up!

I’ll be trying to put these in an environment soon, but I’m still working on it. Blackcat, I was going more for a 3D style, just with hints of the cartoonish stuff; I’d rather not use toon shading, since I like this style better, and I wanted it to be somewhat different from the style that was on the TV show, and what not.

I added the edge setting, but no toon shading. It gives it sort of a mix between a toon and 3D look. Any ideas for a good environment?


nice! getting a very nice mix of 2D and 3D :smiley: