Here’s my attempt at a cartooney render in cycles. And what better theme to go with that Pokemon! :slight_smile:
Any feedback is greatly appreciated!

This is really cool maybe a little better lighting would be good

I used to watch the show many years ago, but I don’t remember the pokeballs being that shiny at the bottom. I also think the flying honeycomb creatures could use a better sense of depth.

The OSL shading mode in trunk has toon shaders now, so maybe you can get a new build and try it out for a more animated look.

Thanks Totoroteto! I’ll work on that and see if I can render it better :slight_smile: and Ace Dragon, I think i’ll try out those shaders pretty soon, oh and the shininess was just a personal choice :slight_smile: i thought it looked cooler and i was trying to get a reflection of rayquaza in the background, though it seems his head was a bit cut off :stuck_out_tongue:

Reminds me of POKEMON SNAP! … ON ACID.

Looking cool, but what is that cirkel around the pokéball?

that was an empty object i used on the pokeball model I made. It was just to make it easier to move around and stuff.

The Polywag needs more color on its lips. It also needs to have that swirl on its stomach. Right now, it looks like a bull eye target. The button on the Pokeball needs to protrude and lower the reflection of the pokeball.