Hi! This is my last project! I HOPE YOU ENJOY!


:yes: Nice! Can you make an animation?? Also, did you use substance painter, or poliigon?
love that post proccessing

I love this one, really awesome, and currently the Pokemon Go is so popular.

Nice render and good timing with all the Pokemon Go hype :wink:

No, I didn’t use Poliigon or SP. I have my own library of materials but I tried to improve them. I just watched a movie about PBR by Andrew Price and then i decided to try include this new technics to my project. Thanks for comments! :slight_smile:

Love it!! How have you done the light ring of the button? I’ve tried to give the light this effect a lot of times, and I’ve ever failed…

mind blown can we get this on the feature row? the composition is amazing, the models themselves are accurate, and the materials are on point. very nice work. BTW Yanal Sosak put you on BN! congrats http://www.blendernation.com/2016/07/17/pokemon-by-igortnt/

appearing in the feature row would be amazing, thanks for kind words!


Very simple with excellent execution. Great attention to detail!

Wow, what a amazing work, love it, can u give us a break out of the materials?

LOVE IT! So apropos for the current Pokemon Mania!

amazing work

Your post processing here is great. The pokeballs are fantastic as well but wouldn’t be nearly as good if you didn’t have all that atmosphere and lighting done so well.