Poker Scene (Updated)

I just started this a couple of days ago, and I was looking for some C&C
The scene isn’t finished, and the bottles are still empty, but I would still appreciate some feedback.

hmmmmmmmmmmm nice you ganna add people?

umm the beer bottles seem kinda weird, arent they suposed to be heineken?

It looks ok, but all the chips on the table are missing shadows.

Everything lacks shadows in fact. The modeling looks nice, but you have to make a dramatic lighting on this, to emphasize volumes and shapes.

Why don’t you put (real) beer in the scene? :wink:
(typical belgian joke :))

one thing you may wanna change is that all your chips are the same color… in RL there are at least 4 different colors that indicate different values…
As a poker player I would say its rather dull to play with only one kinds of chips :wink:

and also all those yber hands on one round look quite impossible…

Here is an update with consideration to the replies I recieved.
After posting, I am making a new render to lighten up the chips to make them more visible, so I am aware that some of it looks too dark. I’ll post it when I get home from work tonight. Otherwise, I am looking for some more ideas to improve. Thanks for the comments too.
Oh, and DeadEnd, I am going to change the hands, that’s just what I had for UV mapping on hand.
Keep the C&C coming.

it looks good, but to add some variation, some of the bottles could be some other type of beer

the boddles look better but they still look kinda weird to me, yet again might be me only.