Pokey eventually will be added as well.

Pokey will be added eventually once my laptop cools down and stops yelling at me. But this is where it is at so far.

When I went to change the world background strength I got a blue screen so at least I got this rendered out beforehand.

Pokey has now been added, I need to change the glossiness though from the first render. Blender crashed during a render preview while adjusting some things in the first image before I got to save (Facedesks) Now to set up some rigs on them and pose them in a more natural position too.

They don’t have shadows whilst standing in the sun, you should handle that somehow, it looks very unnatural
The background and the window doesn’t really fit the characters, If you’re going for a cartoony style, they are too realistic, but if you’re going for that “real world but animated things” style, than it’s not realistic enough

There is no shadows at this point cause it is just slapped into a HDR environment background. And the Window up front is just temporary as well. Final goal is to still set up a rig, then matchmove it to some footage, then I will deal with the shadows and realistic feel. For the time being it is just a mix shader (diff, glossy) And it is going to be more of the toy version of the characters not the claymation characters as that would be a bit too difficult for my skills to set up the lumpy clay look to the characters when they move. This is just as a “working on this” project. Thank you for the input though. I will still post more as I get more done.