Playing around with Toon settings, I decided that PokeyBun would make a good candidate…


Tweaked the spec setting and started playing with decals:


ummmmmmmmm…interesting…i like the toon textures…

I like the first one better. What kind of settings did you use to get the toon look on the first one?

I essentially copied flippyneck’s settings in the War of the (Tiny) Worlds thread (not exactly, but close enough for government work), the main difference between the two was the first one had a medium gray spec color, while later ones had a pure white spec color. I also lowered the spec size. (fairly small model)

The edge “eInt” setting was 25.

The base color is a darkish yellow.

Here is the best toon shader tut i have seen…and i have seen alot


and here are the models i made with that tut.