poking windows into my building

I’m modeling this belgian museum, the MAS, and have now modeled the basic shape of the building and the square around it, I tried to keep it clean and am now at about 500verts. I now started trying to create the small windows
you can see on the first floor on the left face and the top floor on the right, they’re identical and there’s ± 50 around the hole thing. I first tried with loop cuts and subdividing, then dissolving all unnecessary extra verts, but this seems like quite a hassle, i know booleans are not the way to go, but don’t know what is, any ideas?
i’ll post a current render and screenshot anytime now!

If there are area or regularly repeating geometry make a single unit and use array modifiers.
or just use a texture.

but this seems like quite a hassle,
I’m afraid there isn’t a ‘make what I’m thinking of’ button yet implemented.

haha true that, i justhoutgh if i’d avoid the subdivide and somehow could just loop cut it vertically without the horiz. subdivisions it 'd be a lot simpler already, any loop cut now will run around all my model though, so i need to somehow isolate/restrain them, this is starting too look kinda good for a very first architectural model :slight_smile: