Pole bones not working properly in rigin

Hello there.
I’m currently doing a riggin for a character, and I’m almost done, but something strange happens when I try to implement the IK pole bones of the knees:

Both poles are exactly equal, but they behave different (and both wrong). I have checked the pole angle (it’s 0), the rotation of the bones (0 too), and that the knees are slightly moved forwards, and still not working at all.
Same happens with the arms.

I am completely confused, and I will thank any help given.

This is how the IK is configured, by the way:

Check the pole target’s parent. It should be either the root bone or the foot ik target (LegIK).
Play with the Pole Angle.
You could just delete everything from the blend file except the armature and upload it to solve your problem ASAP.

I still have no idea of what it’s happening here, but modifying the pole anlge seems to work
I am not comfortable entirely with an arbitrary number in my settings, but it works buy now
I will upload the blend if something fails

You can calculate the perfect pole angle like this: