Pole target position of blender rigify


I have a question

I was wondering why the position of the pole vector in blender should be here.

I think the location is different from the pole vector I learned.

I thought that the vertex of the triangle at the bottom was the position of the pole vector.

Please help!!

have a nice day~!

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There’s no hard rules about pole placement, because pole targets are an artistic tool used for tweaking. Their placement is highly dependent on the rig and the shot- some animations may leave the pole target in one place the whole time, others will move it around the whole time. I wouldn’t stress “proper” placement, you’re going to be moving it once you start animating anyway :slight_smile:

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oh! thank you However, when using Maya, if the exact location was not correct, IK was wrong a lot. but Is it the strength of Blender that the ik does not change even if the position of the pole vector is not correct?