police 'car'

This is another one for my game. How do you like?

Nice! Needs cherries though.


I dirtied up the texture a bit just to see what it would look like. here’s a screenshot from in the game.

If it’s a police vehicle then it needs to have obvious markings. (e.g. most police cars in US are white with blue or black and white) Also flashing lights would help identify it too :slight_smile:

(I love the little car in the in-game screenshot btw! What is this game that you’re working on?)

Excellent work, Modron. What is “car’s” tri count?


you’re right except if it’s an undercovercar but the “car” looks nice.

hey modron, really like the colors and design
will the game maintain those bright colors, or will they be lost some what, it seems the game picture is a little dull.
nice work

Wow good… Nice style :smiley:

Yeah, I like the bright colors. It reminds me of kingdom hearts… :smiley:
Anyway, what IS this game, anyway? :wink:

thanks guys,…as i mentioned i need to make a siren, and also, i will probably go with the first texture. the second one was noisified and desaturated. The game will be probably be just another racing game, unless i can think of something cooler to make. I am of course limited somewhat by my inexperience with the game engine. As for the poly count,… :expressionless: way too high probably, but I wanted smooth, and smooth it is. :wink:
<edit> in the first pic you can see about how dense the mesh is,…the texture of the area around the back exaust is basically just the slightly modified UV export, so the squares are representative of the actual faces.
<edit> hehe i guess i didn’t mention that I am making a siren yet but I thought I did/meant to. so it will have a siren,…maybe some other junk on it too.