Police Crusier MKII. WIP

(Unimatrix) #1

Update of my orginal, retextured and a few details added. The weapons test pictures are just me playing around with different “options” of making weapons.


I do have a couple of questions:

What is the easiest way to animate lasers and is their any tutorials online?

Ways I have thought about is having a laser track to an empty, and then have particles follow up to create a glowing effect.

Another is keyframing the “pulsed” halo texture points.

Any other ways?


(PS I forgot to render with OSA on so the pics maybe a little grainy)

(S68) #2


Main point is that when you have energy weapon like yours you expect the energy beam to cast light, so you should add some lamps of the correct colour here and there.

To animate laser particles can be a solution, you can also make a single cylinder as long as the whole trajectory, with an appropriate texture, and animate its alpha…


P.S. Dont forget the OSA :stuck_out_tongue:

(Unimatrix) #3

Thx for the advice. I will try the cylinder for animating weapons fire and add some lamps. I have a long way to go between now and March 1st when about 6 - 8 minutes of animation is needed.

Also I am going to update the webpage. I made a ton of spelling and grammer mistakes. I think switching between english and German all the time is getting to me, or it is the fact that I hadn’t slept in 27 hours and made the page at 2AM…